Beware of Fakes and Imitations

Copies are rarely as good as the original, and no other manufacturer can match Decra® for experience or heritage. Other tile manufacturers reduce quality inside the tile where it is needed the most in order to make a tile that looks like Decra® on the outside.

For example, reducing the alu-zinc mix in the steel by half can reduce the lifespan of the tile by up to two thirds. That’s just over 16 years against genuine Decra®’s 50 years. Other manufacturers use painted stone which quickly changes colour due to UV and comes off easily due to low quality basecoats.

In addition, fakes and copies will not perform to our high standards, may leak and cause damage to your home.

Where can I find my Decra Distributor?

Fake DECRA Examples

Decra® roof tiles are the original stone-coated metal roof tole and only available from our official distributors.

Fakes and copies will not perform to our high standards, they will fade, change colour and may leak, causing damage to your home. The roofs below are all fake stone-coated roof tiles.

Colour Change

According to architects in Africa, “Buying a cheap roof is an excellent way to make your new house look very old in just a short time

Genuine Decra® Roofing Tiles are coated with natural stone chips, volcanically formed and taken from quarries in New Zealand. These coatings add natural beauty to the roof and a hard layer of protection from the weather.

Being of natural stone, the vibrant colour is protected against the extreme UV of the African sun and will never change.

Chip Loss

Some products have bad chip coverage to begin with. A quick spray with paint might cover this up, but the owner will pay the price eventually.

Some tiles loose their chip over time. This comes as a result of ultraviolet exposure causing weakness of the basecoat.

How will you know if your roof will do this? You will probably only find out after a few years, unless of course you buy Genuine Decra®, then the coatings are guaranteed.

Genuine Decra® uses a deep basecoat and the stone chips are buried deep and secure in the base coat, they don’t come out.


Corrosion is caused when moisture in the atmosphere meets metal and it starts to rust. When steel rusts, the colour is reddish brown and once this happens, the steel is useless.

Galvanising is the process of coating the steel with Zinc. The Zinc also rusts, but more slowly and during the time it takes the zinc to rust away, the steel is protected.

The colour of Zinc rusting is white, this can be seen on some of the other roofs.

Genuine Decra® Roofs are made with Alu‐Zinc coated steel and carry a manufactures 50 year warranty against perforation of the tile from weathering, such as corrosion.