More choice with Decra®

More choice with Decra®

With the introduction of our unique Slate profile last year, Decra® now offers a choice of six profiles, in solid, mixed or patched colours, meaning there’s a Decra® roof for everyone!

Decra Heritage Profile:

The original stone coated metal roof tile, invented by us in 1957, and still the world’s favourite. Inspired by a lasting and elegant heritage handed down over generations, 21st century architects are rediscovering the traditional values of earlier times. Find out more

Decra Milano Profile:

Inspired by traditional Roman tile design, Decra® Milano looks smooth, clean and elegant. Its timeless profile makes a strong statement, especially on steeply pitched roofs, and with a Mediterranean heritage is ideally suited to coastal properties and those wanting to make a statement of style. Find out more

Decra Shake Profile:

Europeans emigrating to America took traditional English, Dutch, French and German roof styles and recreated them in timber. Today, Decra® Shake tiles take the best of the Shake design and combine it with cutting edge technology to produce traditional, natural looking roofs with superior long life performance. Find out more

Decra Shingle Profile:

Decra® Shingle has a distinctive vertical ridge textured finish that gives the roof solidarity and character. Available in patched as well as solid colours, the biggest characteristic of the Shingle profile is its ability to change appearance during the day as the sun travels overhead, casting small shadows over the horizontal and vertical ribs of the tile. Find out more

Decra Classic Profile:

Classic Tiles look good, last longer and are safe and secure in any environment. Classic Tiles can add to the style and security of any home or commercial building. Each tile is pressed from high grade Alu-Zinc steel giving great strength, and the traditional profile is enhanced with the beauty of a natural stone chip coating. Find out more

Decra Slate Profile:

Our newest profile and totally unique. Combining centuries of roofing methods with the latest in technology, Slate has firmly established itself as a favourite with customers who want to be different and make a statement. Find out more

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