Internal Strength External Beauty

Internal Strength External Beauty

Although lightweight, Genuine Decra® roofing tiles combine the high strength of steel with the natural beauty of our volcanic rock coating.

The core of the Genuine Decra® Roofing System is Alu-Zinc Steel, which is proven to have a lifespan 6-9 times greater than galvanised steel. By adding aluminium and zinc to the steel, we produce a tile that can guarantee a lifespan of at least 50 years in a coastal location, more in inland locations.

Genuine Decra® tiles are manufactured using .43mm / 26 gauge steel, giving superior strength to other roof tiles.

The external beauty of a Decra® roof comes from the natural stone coating which is quarried in New Zealand from seams of volcanic rock. The toughness of this volcanic rock adds to the tiles strength and provides it with weatherproof, natural colour. Unlike other stone coated roof tiles, the stone coating on Genuine Decra® tiles never fades and, because of our advanced coating technology, our tiles don’t suffer from chip loss.

With a Decra® roofing system, all of our roof tiles and accessories are manufactured with the same high quality materials described above. For more information, please visit , watch the video here or contact us. #GenuineDecra

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