Genuine Decra® for high rise and commercial towers

Genuine Decra® for high rise and commercial towers

A Genuine Decra® roof is not just for homes of distinction. Developers of Commercial buildings all over sub-Saharan Africa have chosen Decra® for their projects.

From apartment buildings to hotels and office towers, Genuine Decra® can offer the same benefits to commercial buildings as for homes, although for these types of buildings there’s one benefit to Genuine Decra® that that’s even more important….

When a roof fails on a home it is, at best, a frustration and at worst involves the cost of re-roofing the house. But when a roof fails on a commercial building there’s often a financial cost of closing down that building to make repairs, especially of the roof has leaked. If the building is a hotel then this equates to loss of earnings from hotel rooms, but if it’s a commercial office building the tenants could seek compensation. Then there’s the fireproof properties of a Genuine Decra® Roof – a reason why hotels in particular choose to roof with us.

Choosing Genuine Decra® negates all of these issues by providing a roof that performs, with a 50 year warranty, and which adds aesthetic value to your project. Our website has galleries for hotels and high-rise buildings, and we’d love to hear from you to discuss how Genuine Decra® could add value to your commercial project.   

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